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Elves (Innistrad Version)
Half-Celestials (Innistrad Version)
Half-Elves (Innistrad Version)
Half-Vampires (Innistrad Version)
Half-Werewolves (Innistrad Version)
Humans (Innistrad Version)


Alchemist: The alchemist is the master of alchemy, using extracts to grant him great power, mutagens to enhance his form, and bombs to destroy his enemies.

Barbarian: The barbarian is a brutal berserker from beyond the edge of civilized lands.

Cleric: A devout follower of a deity, the cleric can heal wounds, raise the dead, and call down the wrath of the gods.

Druid: The druid is a worshiper of all things natural—a spellcaster, a friend to animals, and a skilled shapechanger.

Fighter: Brave and stalwart, the fighter is a master of all manner of arms and armor.

Inquisitor: Scourge of the unfaithful and hunter of horrors, the inquisitor roots out the enemies of her faith with grim conviction and an array of divine blessings.

Monk: A student of martial arts, the monk trains his body to be his greatest weapon and defense.

Paladin: The paladin is the knight in shining armor, a devoted follower of law and good.

Ranger: A tracker and hunter, the ranger is a creature of the wild and of tracking down his favored foes.

Rogue: The rogue is a thief and a scout, an opportunist capable of delivering brutal strikes against unwary foes.

Witch: Lurking on the fringe of civilization, the witch makes a powerful connection with a patron that grants her strange and mysterious powers through a special familiar.

Wizard: The wizard masters magic through constant study that gives him incredible magical power.

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