Character Creation Notes

Notes on Character Creation

At this point all Races and Classes have been posted to the Wiki section of the site. Here are some other notes about characters in this campaign.

Starting Level: You may create characters at 3rd level to begin. If anyone has questions about how to create a character at higher than 1st level, please let me know.

Ability Scores: We will use a point buy system of 20 points as outlined in the Pathfinder rules. See the link Jim posted on the FB page if you need access to the Core Rulebook.

Crossbow Proficiency: All inhabitants of Innistrad are proficient with crossbows. This means your class has proficiency ‘Crossbow’ even if this weapon would normally be excluded.

Crossbows in Innistrad are treated as Composite Longbows for the purposes of damage calculations. This means that Crossbows do receive a damage bonus based on strength modifier, but you must have a strength modifier equal to or greater than the strength rating of the weapon in order to wield it. If you don’t, well your character isn’t strong enough to operate the winch.

Additionally, if you take Point Blank Shot as a feat, you will also receive the Crossbow specific feat Rapid Reload for free. This allows the user to reload a light crossbow as a swift action, and reload a heavy crossbow as a move action instead of their normal requirements.

Names in Innistrad: Later this week I will post a document with common names in Innistrad if you want a reference. It seems like many of the names have Slavic or Nordic influences.


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